Quality is our priority and we integrate it into all our efforts. The company is IFS and BRC certified, and we guarantee quality products and food safety to our consumers through a powerful traceability system.

From the strict selection of our ingredients, to the transportation of our Canelés, we work with the best.

Our manufacturing method, our expertise and our know-how are at the service of our customers. An extensive control plan on our products allows us to ensure healthy, beautiful and tasty Canelés.

our labels

AB Organic Farming

In order to meet the growing demand for organic products, we have developed an exclusively organic Canelé recipe. We rigorously select our raw materials to guarantee the Organic label (AB).

International Food Standard

IFS Food is a standard recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) for auditing the quality and safety of processes and products of agri-food companies. It concerns food processing companies or packaging of loose food products. IFS certification is for companies seeking excellence in safety, food quality and customer satisfaction.

British Retail Consortium

The aim of the BRC is to define a common basis for food safety requirements for Private-label manufacturers in the UK market and to standardise audits.


1. Workplace well-being

- Systematic analysis of
root causes of accidents
and near-misses
- New layouts
(individual offices
ADV/RSE/Quality and Production
offices, enlarged social

2. Control of supplies

- Supplier audit every 2 years
for non-certified suppliers
IFS/BRC or FSSC 22000
- Tracing of transporters with
thermobuttons every year
- Raw materials from
France: flour, sugar, rum
organic flour and milk

3. Innovation

- A variation on the original
for canelé: canelé Clean
Label, Canelé Léger,
fruit canelé, spread...
- Installation of an integrated
management software in the
workshop: production optimization
optimization, logistics
stock management

4. Consumption control

- Heat recovery from
furnaces to heat water
water in the production workshop
and washrooms
- Management of our effluents by
sent to methanization for
production of renewable energy
in the region

5. Recycling

- Creation of an anti-waste channel
by reusing our canelés
canelés for use in pastry-making
canelés used in pastry-making and
- 35% reduction in cardboard consumption
consumption per tonne of
- Delivery of our raw materials
in bulk

6. Regulations

- Subscription to a monthly
Quality legal watch,
Health, Safety and Environment
- Annual audit
inspired by the ISO standard
26000: a label for companies
French independents
human, with practices
ethical and responsible.

aquitaine spécialités

World leader in the manufacture of Canelés de Bordeaux, a traditional local pastry. With quality at the heart of our values, innovative manufacturing processes have preserved the quality of our products, which contain no preservatives, additives, colorants or GMOs.

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